Mike Love to Publish Beach Boys Memoir with Blue Rider Press


New York, NY — November 19, 2014 — Mike Love, the legendary singer, lyricist, and co-founding member of the Beach Boys, will write a book about his life, it was announced today. The book, tentatively titled Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy, will be published by Blue Rider Press, a member of Penguin Group (USA). Publication is planned in North America for the Summer of 2016. World print, eBook, and audio rights were acquired by David Rosenthal, president and publisher of Blue Rider, from Todd Shuster of Zachary Shuster Harmsworth. The book will be co-written by James S. Hirsch.

The book will describe Love's early childhood and family story, and that of his cousins Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, all founding members of the band, along with Al Jardine. The Beach Boys are an American institution, and Love will share the story behind the group's unparalleled hit-making in the 1960s, including the music that celebrated the California lifestyle as well as the recording of Pet Sounds and other seminal albums. Love will describe a remarkable personal journey that includes five decades of recording and touring — he has performed 5,600 concerts in more than twenty-five countries as a Beach Boy — while he has also had a front-row seat to some of the most important and convulsive events in American pop culture. Love will talk about his own spiritual journey through transcendental meditation, his complex relationship with Brian Wilson, and the enduring appeal of the Beach Boy sound.

Love commented, “I've had an incredible life with a lot of triumphs, my share of heartbreak and some pretty amazing experiences. There are a lot of things I haven't shared before, and I'm looking forward to opening up about my life and my work in this book. It's a story about family, music, a country in transition, and audiences all over the world coming together in harmony. I feel really fortunate to have such great partners in Jim Hirsch, David Rosenthal and Blue Rider to guide me through this journey.”

Rosenthal said, “Mike Love's story — and the story of the Beach Boys — is one of the most compelling sagas in American music and popular culture. We're thrilled that fifty years after the band's creation, Mike will finally tell his tale.”