All in the Family

  • Congratulations to Brian and Melinda Wilson, on the adoption of their newest daughter, Dakota Rose Wilson. (5/14/10)

  • Carnie Wilson has given birth to a daughter, Luciana Bella, on June 12, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Congrats to Carnie and her husband Rob Bonfiglio, and to grandfather Brian Wilson and grandmother Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford (6/16/08)

  • Congratulations to the extended Wilson family on the birth of Neva Venae Wilson, born to Britta and Justyn Wilson on August 6, 2008. Neva is Beach Boy Carl Wilson and Annie Wilson-Karge's granddaughter. Neva and her brother Dean made their public debut at October's Carl Wilson Foundation event. (updated 10/29/08)

  • BBFC sends congratulations to Matt and Susie Jardine on the birth of their second daughter, Abigail Grace, as well as to granddad Alan Jardine! (5/08)

  • BBFC sends congratulations to Dan and Wendy Wilson Knutson on the birth of twin sons, Willem and Jesse, born August 17, 2007, and our congratulations to their grandfather Brian Wilson and grandmother Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford and to their older brothers Leo and Beau. (8/20/07)

  • Congratulations go to Justyn and Britta Wilson, on the birth of their son Dean Carl Wilson, born June 18, 2007. Dean is the grandson of Annie Wilson-Karges and the late Carl Wilson, and was born on his parents' first wedding anniversary. (6/21/07)

  • Chef Michael Wilson, son of Dennis Wilson, formerly of 5 Dudley restaurant in Santa Monica, CA, has opened Wilson's restaurant at 8609 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA. (4/9/06)

  • Our congratulations go out to grandad Mike Love and his daughter Teresa, who gave birth to her first child, son Liam, on September 28, 2004. Congratulations also go out toWendy Wilson and husband Dan Knutson on the birth of their second child, Beau, on September 24, 2004; to Carnie Wilson and husband Rob Bonfiglio on the birth of their daughter Lola on April 23, 2005; and to the grandparents, including Brian Wilson and Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford. More congratulations go out to Matt Jardine and his wife Susie on the birth of their daughter, Olivia, born on Aug. 3, 2004, as well as to the grandparents, including Alan Jardine! (updated 4/24/05)


  • Billy Hinsche has released a new DVD, Dennis Wilson Forever: Interviews with the People Who Knew Him Best. After three years in the making, this powerful documentary on Beach Boy Dennis Wilson is an insightful, honest, loving look at the incredible life of the legendary BB's drummer as seen through the eyes of those who knew him best. Filled with fascinating, funny, outrageous anecdotes about Dennis the surfer, drummer, race car driver, songwriter and friend, the film contains over thirty different interviews with family members, close friends, fellow musicians, co-workers, admirers, and fellow Beach Boys. More.
    blankspacer Billy also has a new CD out, called Live at the Cannery, which includes his live version of "Sail On Sailor." More. (updated 10/16/07)

  • Mixed Messages is Billy Hinsche's first studio solo album and represents the culmination of 35 years of writing and recording. It is a double CD package of 24 songs, the majority of which have never been released until now. The Beach Boys (individually and collectively) guest on several tracks. As Billy says, "There's something here for everyone." To listen to four sample songs from Mixed Messages, go to Billy's MySpace site. Mixed Messages may be purchased online at CD Baby. (MFM Productions is no longer accepting orders, as their stock of Mixed Messages CDs has sold out.) A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Carl Wilson Foundation. Full details on the CD can be found at at Billy's website. (updated 12/29/06)

  • Editing has begun on 1974, the title of Billy's new DVD project, shot entirely on the road during the Beach Boys' summer tour of the same year. This black and white footage is the same from which the "One in a Million" and "The Match" short-subject films were gleaned. (10/13/05)

  • Billy Hinsche has released a DVD set, The Road Well Traveled, which includes the rock 'n' roll travel tips tutorial hosted by Billy, "Know the Road" (1995); a special song and video tribute to Dennis Wilson, "One in a Million" (1974); and a short subject comedy featuring Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Billy, Ricky Fataar, Bobby Figueroa, Ed Carter, and Carli Muñoz, "The Match" (1974). Footage from "The Match" is rare, never-before-seen video, shot during the Beach Boys' 1974 summer tour and recently edited. Total DVD running time is 80 minutes approximately. More. (updated 5/17/05)

  • Billy has begun "shopping" his book, I Got Around (Volume 1), to major publishers. (updated 1/04/05)

  • Billy has released his very first solo CD entitled Bay of Plenty, recorded on the day he arrived in New Zealand on his most recent trip there in March, 2002. It is a live, "unplugged" recording of songs he has written over many years, including tunes that have been recorded by Dino, Desi & Billy; Nelson Riddle; Dean Martin; Ricci, Desi & Billy; and Carl Wilson. It also includes the song "Patria" (see below). Billy also explains the circumstances surrounding the writing of each song in an anecdotal way. Bay of Plenty is on RD&B Records. Price is $15, plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. Checks, money orders, or IMOs should be made out to "RD&B Records, LLC" and please include "Bay of Plenty" on the memo line of checks. Send orders to RD&B Records, LLC, P.O. Box 60684, Boulder City, NV 89006. For credit card purchases, please call the toll free number 866-293-5001 and ask for Danielle or Shannon. Online purchases and sound samples are available through CD Baby. Allow 7-10 days for delivery. (updated 10/26/02)

  • Ricci, Desi & Billy's CD Live from Boulder City is available now! Visit for details on how to order it. It is a full 13 song CD that was recorded on May 5, 2001, at the Historic Boulder Theatre in Boulder City, Nevada. RDB's previous CD Live in Vegas is also available. To order, call 702-293-5001. It is a six song, 20 minute set recorded at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas in November 1999 when the group opened for Al Jardine's Family & Friends. Samples from the album can be found at RDB's new website. (updated 5/28/02)

  • Billy's Videos: Check out Billy's travel tips video, Know the Road, made during the Beach Boys' summer tour of 1995 of the United States and Canada. Come backstage and watch the pre-show preparations, take a ride on the Beach Boys' tour bus, and take a peek inside their private jet! Send $29.95 in check, money order or IMO to Billy Hinsche, 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite A-162, Henderson, NV 89052. $39.95 for overseas/PAL format. For shipping and handling, add $6.39 (US), $7.44 (CAN), $12.44 (EUR), $14.24 (AFRICA), $15.29 (AUST/JAPAN). (Click here for a more detailed description and information on Billy's other instructional video Play Songs of the Beach Boys: Piano Accompaniments to Rock Classics.) (7/20/98)

  • For more news, please visit Billy's website.

  • Archived Stories


  • Former Beach Boys' supporting musician and current BW tour vocalist/music director Jeffrey Foskett released his latest CD Stars in the Sand on November 16, 2004. The CD is available through a new label, Pop Collective Records, in the U.S. and is available via online retailers. Visit Jeff's website for more details on the album. Jeff's album Twelve and Twelve has also been reissued and is available via online retailers. (1/3/05)

  • Jeff is featured with the band Sentimental City Romance on a live cover of the Byrds classic "So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star" on Dreamsville Records (Japan). Jeff also provides background vocals for Tamara Walker's "Everywhere I Look, There's You" from the View from the Top soundtrack. Jeff will be recording with Brian Wilson soon on Brian's next studio project. (5/22/03)

  • Jeff's CD collection of tracks he's done on other recording over the years, called Tributes and Rarities, is also available. The disk includes cuts from various artist tribute collections (ie: "Telephone Line" - ELO Tribute, "Your Very Eyes" - Shoes Tribute, "Laughter in the Rain" - Neil Sedaka etc.), the closing theme song from the mini-series The Beach Boys, An American Family, along with other unreleased and hard to find re-mixed song versions recorded for specific commercials ("Route 66," "Little Saint Nick," etc.). (5/22/03)

  • Catch Jeff on tour with Brian Wilson, Papa Doo Run Run, and Byrds of a Feather. (5/22/03)

  • For the latest Foskett news and information on Foskett's earlier releases, click here. (Note: This site does not work properly with some browsers.) (updated 5/22/03)


  • Former BB supporting musicians Chris Farmer and Mike Kowalski have joined forces with current BW backing band members Scott Bennett and Probyn Gregory in a new band called The OC Beach Band. (3/4/08)

  • Chris Farmer has a new CD out titled California Dreamin', featuring Chris' versions of Beach Boys' and other '60s' classics. The album is a veritable BB Band reunion fest, with Jeffrey Foskett (vocals, guitar), Tim Bonhomme (vocals, keyboards), Scott Totten (vocals, guitar), John Cowsill (vocals), Mike Kowalski (drums), Adrian Baker (guitar), Gary Griffin (keyboards), and Randell Kirsch (bass guitar) backing Chris. The CD is produced by Chris Farmer and Jeff Peters. For more information, go to Chris' website, (updated 2/27/05)

    Longtime Beach Boys Band member Mike Meros passed away on Dec. 26, 2007, of a heart attack. Mike played keyboards with the BB's supporting band throughout the '80s and '90s. Memorial contributions may be made to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation or to Many Mansions. An online book of condolences is also available for those who wish to leave messages for Mike's family. Brother Records has also created an official memorial site for Mike, to honor his many years with the Beach Boys Band. (updated 1/20/08)

    Filmmaker and longtime Beach Boys' archivist and compilation producer Alan Boyd has released a long-awaited solo CD, Channel Surfing, a compilation of Beach Boys-styled tracks he's recorded over a 14 year span. The album includes several theme songs that Alan has written, produced, and recorded for Beach Boys' fan conventions over the years, songs that many fans of the group have sought, often unaware that they came from the same person who had also directed the acclaimed 1998 Beach Boys documentary Endless Harmony.

    The 16 track album, which includes a pair of recent collaborations with longtime Beach Boys' lyricist Stephen Kalinich, was officially released in December 2004. The album has received enthusiastic endorsements from Beach Boys Brian Wilson, Alan Jardine, and Bruce Johnston, as well as legendary Beach Boys' engineer Stephen Desper.

    Channel Surfing is currently available for $10, plus $1 shipping, online from Alan's website or by sending a check to Boyd Production Group, 2049 Windsor Circle, Duarte, CA 91010. You can also email for more information. (Note: This site does not work properly with some browsers.) Samples of Alan's music can be found on his MySpace site.

    Boyd has also appeared with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band on their "Songs of Dennis and Carl Wilson Tour 2006." (updated 1/4/05)


  • Chris Farmer has a new CD out called California Dreamin', featuring guest appearances by past and present BB Band members. More. (updated 3/5/08)

  • CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST: Former BB Band/current Papa Doo Run Run member Adrian Baker has released two songs from his forthcoming Christmas CD, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "The Christmas Song." Both songs have lush production values with harmonica played by Francois Ducet and violin by Werner Siepenkothen. Adrian is joined on vocals by Simona Savoy on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." This limited edition CD-single is now available on iTunes, CD Baby and (8/7/08)

  • Rob Bonflglio (Carnie Wilson's husband) and his Los Angeles-based rock band The Skies of America will release their debut album Shine in September 2005 on indie label National Recorder. (7/27/02)

  • Hey Stevie features Stevie Heger and Tom Jacob (of Al Jardine's Family & Friends). The current release from Hey Stevie is The World's a Better Place, including a new version of "Sail on Sailor." Copies of the album may be purchased through their website. Mention the Carl Wilson Foundation and get Hey Stevie's first record Death by Heartbreak free with your order! CDs can be ordered by mail at PacificSol, LLC, P.O. Box 4333, Mountain View, CA 94040 or toll-free at 1-877-938-7765 (U.S.) Prices: The World's a Better Place, $15; Death by Heartbreak, $12. U.S. shipping/handling is $2.44 (1 or 2 CDs). (updated 5/30/02)

  • Bobby Figueroa, former BB band member and current AJFFBB drummer, has a CD available, Canciones de Verano (Songs of Summer), featuring Latino adaptations of BB songs. For more information and audio samples, please visit Bobby's website.

  • Adrian Baker's new CD, Surfer's Paradise, features three classic Beach Boys covers, "The Warmth of the Sun," "All Summer Long," and "And Your Dream Comes True." There are also 10 original tracks, including the title song, "The Surf Is Up," "Bring Back Those Surfin' Days," and "Party Beach." For ordering information and MP3 samples, go to the Adrian Baker Productions website. (5/12/04)

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